Terms and Conditions

Payment and Fees

A clients first initial assessment is completely free of charge and lasts around 30-45mins. All appointments other than assessment sessions cost £50 per a 50 minute session with a therapist. If a client has to cancel an appointment but does not do so within 72 hours’ notice of the appointment the client is still liable to pay for the session. Fees are continually up for review to ensure we can provide the best value for money while still being highly accessible to people of all backgrounds.

All sessions apart from initial assessments will last 50 minutes. If a client is late to a session, Teenage Mental Health Ltd will not be able to overrun due to appointments with other clients so the session will have to be cut short, however, you will still be liable to pay the full £50 amount if you are late.

All appointments will take place at 5 Coachmans Court, Ipswich, IP4 1DX. Teenage Mental Health Ltd will not be available for home visits, you must come to our facility in Ipswich town centre. There is limited parking at t his site and we strongly recommend that you use local car parks in the area.

Teenage Mental Health Ltd accepts cash payments as well as card payments. Clients will be required to pay in advance for a session before the session starts on the day.

Cancellations can be made up to the time of the appointment however cancellations which have been made without 72 hours notice will be charged for at the full hourly rate. In exceptional such as a family bereavement we may waive this charge, however this remains at the discretion of the company and not the client.

At Teenage Mental Health we can never give a definitive answer to how many sessions will be needed however we strive to keep parents and patients informed about their treatment and give realistic expectations.


If a client wishes to cancel their commitment with Teenage Mental Health Ltd they can do so at any time over the phone, email, in writing or by visiting our facility. If a client is cancelling their relationship with Teenage Mental Health Ltd and is booked in for a session within 72 hours of their cancellation, they will need to provide a fee of £50. If they decide to cancel their relationship and do not have an appointment setup within the 72 hour window, then no fees apply.

At Patients first session we take a deposit of £50 which covers the cost of their final session. This is refunded in full if treatment is terminated and the correct 72 hour cancellation of appointment provision is met. We reserve the right to deduct outstanding fees from this deposit at all times.

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