Covid-19 Update:

During the lockdown we shall be open as usual seeing patients face to face. However, we shall be asking those who enter the centre to socially distance, use hand sanitiser upon entry and often, wear a facemask, use the test and trace app, and we shall be taking temperatures upon arrival.  



Is your child experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm or any other mental health issues?

We at Teenage Mental Health are here to help both you and your child, we understand the toll poor mental health can take on young people and those caring for them. We can work with you and your child to ensure positive outcomes for all through specialist child therapy.

When you have a child that is ill you want help as soon as possible, often parents contacting us have been on a roller coaster of referrals and waiting lists which only adds to the stress for both the parent and child. To help support you and help you step off this roller coaster we ensure that a first appointment is made available to you within 48 hours of an enquiry, this appointment lasts 1 hour and is free of charge, with no obligation for ongoing treatment. Further sessions are £60.

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This is a very normal emotion to experience, however sometimes, and for some people it can go from being a manageable feeling to one that totally invades their lives, making normal life and interactions almost impossible. We at Teenage Mental Health have years of experience treating children and adolescents suffering anxiety issues, and aim to get children to a place where they are able to better manage their anxiety and start enjoying their lives again.

We can help your child and you escape the vicious circle of mental ill health

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“I've always regarded therapy more as a calling than a profession, a way of life for people who care about others.”

Irvin D. Yalom

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