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Mid-August Newsletter - Anxiety

6 Weeks of Mental Health Information and More Celebrating Our FREE Bookmarks!

For the next 6 weeks, we are celebrating our mental health bookmarks for children!

Why? We have distributed over 60,000 of the bookmarks for free in and around Suffolk to schools and children’s organisations, and still continuing to do so!

For the next 6 weeks, each week we will celebrate one of the bookmarks sharing blogs, information, tips and more on the topic it aims to support with on our social media.

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We are kicking off this week with something nearly everybody can relate to ANXIETY.

Our first instalment is releasing our latest blog on Anxiety:

Understanding and Managing Childhood Anxiety

This Blog helps identify signs of anxiety in all ages, understanding what anxiety is and addressing some of the questions many adults have, the importance of addressing anxiety during development with physiological understanding and hints and tips to consider and think about supporting our children and young adults with anxiety and worries.

Decoding the Essence of Anxiety

Anxiety, a common human emotion, is our body’s response to uncertainty, change, or potential threats. It can range from mild unease to overwhelming distress. In this guide tailored for parents, caregivers, and professionals working with children and adolescents, we delve into the multifaceted world of childhood anxiety. By unravelling its complexities, we aim to empower you to provide effective support and guidance to the young minds you care for.

Unveiling the Faces of Anxiety

Anxiety wears different masks, often camouflaging itself as various emotions or behaviours. It might be…. Continue reading on:

Womble Pupdate!

Not only is Womble doing great training as a therapy dog. Womble has been gaining other amazing skills with Suffolk Canine Creche too! Well done Womble with his football skills!

Womble is visiting the centre on Thursdays and has started seeing some patients on Fridays. He has been responding brilliantly to his training and is often top of the list for employee of the month.

Results Days Are Upon Us!

In the UK this year, A-level and AS level results day is set for Thursday, August 17th, while GCSE results are scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 24th.

Read our earlier newsletter on Navigating Results Day in the UK. Past generations of students may fondly recall the nerves and excitement of sitting exams, gathered in big school halls with their friends. They cherish the buzz of finishing exams, meeting loved ones afterwards to celebrate and discuss their performance…. Continue reading on:

Book Recommendation:

Rachel Bright: Worrysaurus

As we are focusing this week on talking about anxiety, this is a great book to read with younger children about worries and anxieties.

The book follows Worrysaurus as he navigates through different situations that trigger his anxiety, such as big changes or uncertainties. Throughout the story, Worrysaurus learns to cope with his worries and find ways to manage his anxious thoughts.

Relatable Story The book’s main character, Worrysaurus, provides a relatable figure for children who experience anxiety. Seeing a character with similar feelings can help them feel understood and less alone.

Normalising Anxiety, the story emphasises that anxiety is a common emotion that everyone experiences. This normalisation can help reduce the stigma around anxiety and reassure children that their feelings are valid.

Providing Coping Strategies, the book portrays Worrysaurus learning healthy ways to cope with his worries. This can introduce children to practical techniques they can use to manage their own anxious thoughts. The book conveys a positive message of self-acceptance and growth. It shows that anxiety doesn’t define a person and that there are ways to navigate challenging emotions.

Just a thought…. Some of our bookmarks would go great with this book! See further down for how you can get your school or organisation to request these, or visit the centre to ask for some for yourself at home!

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Common Misconceptions About Anxiety in Children

They Are Just Seeking Attention….

It’s a common misconception that teenagers who express anxiety are merely seeking attention. In reality, anxiety is a genuine emotional experience that can be intense and distressing. Dismissing it as attention-seeking can invalidate their feelings and deter them from seeking the help they need.

Teenagers Should “Just Snap Out of It”

Telling teenagers or any child to “snap out of” their anxiety oversimplifies a complex emotional state. Anxiety is not a choice; it involves physiological responses and thought patterns that require understanding and support to manage effectively.

How can you snap out of what you don’t understand?

It’s like being given a map and having no education on how to read it, or where you are on it, so this response will often cause children to feel more lost with it all.

Anxiety Is Just a Phase of Adolescence.

While some level of anxiety is normal during adolescence due to the myriad of changes, chronic and severe anxiety should not be dismissed as a phase. Untreated anxiety can have long-term effects on mental health and wellbeing, making early intervention crucial.

It’s best to shield them from Stress

Sheltering teenagers from all stressors can hinder their emotional growth and coping skills development. It’s essential to teach them healthy ways to manage stress and build resilience, empowering them to face challenges confidently. We can all learn from our experiences, so us adults could instead provide positive experiences managing anxiety for those in our care.

Anxiety Medication Is the Only Solution

Medication is one approach to managing anxiety, but it’s not the sole solution and commonly is used as a temporary intervention when waiting or starting other interventions. Effective therapeutic interventions, coping strategies, and lifestyle adjustments can also play pivotal roles in reducing anxiety in teenagers. 

Tailored approaches often yield the best results. Addressing these misconceptions is crucial to providing children and teenagers with the support and understanding they need to navigate their anxiety effectively and foster their emotional well-being.

We understand…

If you’re experiencing feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, and uncertainty regarding potential challenges in relationships or family dynamics, TMH are here to support you. We provide therapeutic parental sessions designed to enhance understanding and provide guidance for managing these situations within your home environment. These sessions are especially valuable if you have a child who might be hesitant about therapeutic support but could benefit from it.

Reach out to us to learn more at

Teenage Mental Health is a team of highly qualified therapists who have come together to provide exceptional services to those stuck on waiting lists fed up with not meeting a threshold for care.

We work on a not-for-profit basis so whilst we do have to charge for therapy (sadly no government body funds us) we do not make profits; our only priority is making sure that you and your child get the care that you need.

What Do People Say About Us?

Discover the positive impact of our services through the words of those we’ve helped. Explore our recommendations page to read first hand accounts of how TMH has made a difference in the lives of our clients.

Among them, you’ll find stories of improved relationships, enhanced coping skills, and renewed hope. One recommendation highlights how our therapeutic approach transformed a family’s dynamics, fostering better understanding and communication.

Another testimonial emphasises the profound effect our sessions had on boosting a teenager’s self-esteem and confidence. A third recommendation showcases the success of our guidance in helping a resistant adolescent gradually embrace therapeutic support.

These stories stand as a testament to the potential transformation awaiting you and your family.

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