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“Our son was struggling with school, anxiety, and bullying. Spending time in his room on computer games and not engaging at all. He would get angry constantly if asked to do something outside of what he feels comfortable doing. We had almost completely lost the young man we knew. 

Following sessions with Teenage Mental Health he began to increase confidence in himself and connection with the family has increased astronomically. He is now a completely different child. He hardly ever stays in his room, limits his screen himself. Laughs, jokes, but most importantly is more resilient to the world. People at school still say things but he feels so much better about himself he brushes them off. 

As such he has moved up sets and the school are praising him constantly on his effort. We cannot recommend Teenage Mental Health’s work more.”

LE, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"As my child approached their teens a black cloud descended upon us. Although there were a lot of other factors, I initially put it down to hormones and ‘normal teenage behaviour’, but it became obvious, after 2 years, that we were experiencing something more serious. 

Seeking help from our GP led us to a series of closed doors. Too young for GP intervention, not severe enough for CAMHS and too long a wait for and limited services from Point 1, I looked to the private sector for help. 

Finding Teenage Mental Health has been, quite literally, a lifesaver.  Although we’ve still a long way to go, regular, convenient and flexible sessions for my child and a free support group for parents and carers (because we matter too) have seen our black clouds turn to grey, and sometimes, there’s even a little ray of light, something I didn’t think possible 6 months ago. I can’t thank Teenage Mental Health enough for the help and support that we’ve received to date."

LM, Norwich, Norfolk

"My daughter was suffering with anxiety and it reached a level where she has struggled with schooling along with her social life.  My first port of call was to take her to my GP but with very little help and understanding I came away wondering if there was anyone else that could help. I began my search and came across Teenage Mental Health. My daughter attended a number of sessions and within weeks I could notice a gradual change. Each week she gained confidence and self belief.
Since my daughters course of therapy she has gone on to sit her GCSEs and is now attending college full time. 

At the time I didn’t think it would be possible for her to get better, but Teenage Mental Health were incredible and I thoroughly recommend them."

N, Ipswich Suffolk

“The Teenage Mental Health team have given our family the chance to receive expert care for our daughter which is given in a safe homely environment and at a cost which is affordable. 

We are benefiting from frequent sessions our daughter receives, alongside the bi-monthly parent meetings. There are already signs of progress towards a happier and healthier future.”

P, Witham, Essex

"Seeing Teenage Mental Health every week really helped me with my mental health while I was going through a hard time. 

Having someone to talk to about things really helps. I was helped with choosing what I wanted to do after school and gave me a little push to get there.”

GB, Ipswich, Suffolk

"My therapist has helped me a lot over the past few months, they're easy to talk to and listens to everything you say"

W, Norwich, Norfolk