Support groups provide vital support and social connections for those experiencing mental health issues or those supporting those struggling.

We run five support groups, every week which consist of: 

  • Parental Support Group
  • Men's Support Group
  • Gender Identity Support Group (under 25's only)
  • Adolescent and Young Adult Support Group (Under 25's only)

The support groups are free for people attending and allow like-minded people to support you with help given by some of the therapists employed by Teenage Mental Health. 

We know how difficult it is for parents/ carers when their child is ill, we have just set up support groups for parents and carers of children (no matter how old) experiencing mental health problems.  
The groups run weekly at our facility, 31 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AQ.

Run every week on Monday to Friday from 7pm until 8:30pm.

Monday: Parental Support Group. For parents and Carers to attend for group support lead by one of our therapists supporting the adults looking after their children struggling with ill mental health.

Tuesday: Men’s Mental Health. For men to have a safe place to find support and understanding with mental health concerns and general wellbeing.

Thursday: Gender Identity Support (under 25’s). For individuals looking for general or additional support with their own gender journey or struggles they may be experiencing. Providing a safe and respectful space to be themselves and receive support with the challenges they may experience.

Friday: General Teenager and Young Adult Support (Under 25’s). For teenagers and young adults allowing a safe place to discuss anything from eating disorders to self-harm, grief and general wellbeing to anxiety and depression.