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Our new facility has opened!

Teenage Mental Health has opened a new facility based within Ipswich town centre making it highly accessible to all within the Suffolk and Essex areas. Our facility provides a relaxed atmosphere that is designed to feel homely and secure allowing our clients to have a safe space that welcomes them to feel as open and honest as they would like.

Teenage Mental Health’s values believe that a relaxed, homely atmosphere greatly impacts how people can feel, so we felt it was necessary to ensure our new facility follows these values.

We have two waiting rooms with ample seating as well as free coffee, tea, and biscuits for those waiting to begin a session or for parents who would like to wait and relax while their child is working with one of our therapists.

Teenage Mental Health’s new facility features three therapy rooms, each with a relaxing décor that allows clients to feel calm and open. One of our therapy rooms is specialised for child therapy, so we have lots of toys and activities available to get your child feeling as comfortable as possible. Of course Freida our therapy dog will be working with us in our new facility, so she is on hand to ensure everyone feels loved.

We now also have a training/conference room. This is now where our fortnightly parental support group will be held. We plan to also start a fortnightly men’s mental health support group as we know how important it is for men to get the support they need. Both support groups are free and open to anyone who feels they need support through a difficult period.

Our training/conference room is also available to hire for meetings and training events, please feel free to enquire about using this facility.


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