About the Team

We have several therapists working at Teenage Mental Health. Our team is headed up by our clinical lead Fiona, yet we have an extensive team of psychodynamically qualified therapist consisting of Anna, Bethany, Denise, Justin, Maria, Mehmet, Rachel, Sarah E, Sarah H, Zoe C, and Zoe E. All of our therapists are qualified to at least masters level in BACP accredited qualifications for child and adolescent counselling as well as being members of the BACP. All staff are DBS checked, insured and subject to strict clinical supervision as well as being in their own personal therapy. Our philosophy at Teenage Mental Health is that the patient always comes first and is the center of any work.

Our Team


Fiona heads up the team at Teenage Mental Health and holds an honours science degree in psychology and has post-graduate qualifications in teaching, counselling and psychodynamic approaches. Her Master's degree is in child and adolescent psychodynamic counselling and having completed several years in public practice in various schools in the Suffolk and Essex area now runs the private counselling practice working with children adolescents and adults.


She is also a licensed trainer in mental health and works with organisations to build and deliver bespoke training packages to meet the needs of staff working with challenging behaviour and have a greater understanding of mental health issues, alongside her clinical work. As a member of the BACP, She believes that the patient always comes first and is the center of any work.


Dr Bethany Morgan Brett has extensive experience in lecturing in therapeutic care and in psychosocial studies. She has trained students in therapeutic care and therapeutic organisation, including counselling skills. She holds a BA Hons (Sociology), MA (Sociology), MA (Social Research), and a PhD in Sociology which included psychoanalytic theory and practice.

Her work has primarily focused on ageing and the life course, including child development. She also has experience of working with those suffering from addiction and substance misuse. She is currently authoring a book on the death of parents. Bethany also has experience of fostering children.

Her key areas of specialism include coping with loss, grief, depression and anxiety, trauma, end of life issues, caring for others, and managing academic stress. She can also work with clients on gaining confidence, spirituality issues, dependency and substance misuse, fertility issues, sexuality, divorce, and domestic violence.

Zoe H


Zoe H has been counselling since 2010 with adults initially with Ipswich Counselling Centre, Mentis Counselling centre and 2 years at The Northgate Psychotherapy department.


She currently works as a high school counsellor based in a Norfolk school and has been doing so since 2017. Zoe has also worked in primary schools since 2013, working with children for therapeutic intervention. After training in London with Place2be and a play therapy course she branched out on my work with children and adolescents.

With 2 years of experience at the primary school, Zoe also worked as a volunteer counsellor working for Place2be on a voluntary basis. She also undertook voluntary counselling work at a drug and alcohol rehab centre for one year as well as a volunteer counsellor for adults who had experienced childhood sexual abuse/trauma for one year.


Zoe holds a diploma in psychodynamic counselling for adults as well as a Master of Arts in Psychodynamic counselling for children.



Justin worked for 3 years for the Jaques Hall Foundation, a residential children's home, for looked after children both as a support worker and as a teaching assistant. This organisation worked to a Therapeutic Committee framework based on psychotherapeutic models of childcare developed by Donald Winnicott and Barbra Dockers Drysdale.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Therapeutic  Communication and Therapeutic Organisation as well as a Master of Arts in Psychodynamic Counselling for children and adolescences.


While studying for his Master of Arts, he worked for CAMHS patient services for 5 years as a support worker that focused on work with children and adolescents.


Denise has worked psychodynamically as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist with couples and individuals for over 30 years. She trained with Relate in Kent and also worked in a crisis drop-in centre in Chatham. She set up her own successful practice in Central London in 1993 which she currently runs part-time online with clients all over the world. Having owned and worked in businesses and in the not for profit sector for many years she has a wide experience of life and problems around relationship difficulties, coaching, grief, depression, self-esteem, and many other issues.


She trained and volunteered as a senior counsellor with ChildLine in London and is studying CBT. She was a Governor for 12 years of Coram Family, the biggest adoption service in the UK where she took an interest in the Contact Centre for Parents and young children.

Denise had a Pet as Therapy dog and worked with him in hospices and adolescent centres and she has written a book about pets and grief which is on Amazon.

Sarah E

Sarah is a psychodynamic counsellor who has gathered 3 years of experience working with children and adolescents. Her experience ranges from working with children within a school setting as well as within a private practice environment.


While working at the Ramsay Academy she worked with adolescents who were dealing with suicidal ideation, poor attachment, abandonment issues, perfectionism, anxiety and low self-esteem. 

Sarah has graduated from The University of Essex with a Masters degree in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychology, alongside a BA in Psychology. Her MA degree emphasised on social psychology, neuroscience, and theories of child development. 


Anna has been working in child and adolescent mental health services for over 20 years. Having worked as a Residential Care Worker, a Behaviour Support Worker, a 1-on-1 Classroom Assistant and a Therapeutic Liasion Officer at a residential boarding school.


Anna graduated from Essex University with a Bachelors of Arts in Therapeutic Communications and Therapeutic Organisations. She then went on to achieve a Master's degree in Psychodynamic Counselling in 2015 

Anna has a wealth of experience thanks to her work as a Community Project Lead and Family Support Practioner at various Ipswich children's centre. She then went on to work with 4YP, a local charity focusing around helping teenagers with mental health issues.

Anna has a lot of experience of working with anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, self-harm, eating disorders, social anxiety, trauma and abuse. 

Zoe C


Zoe C is out newly qualified Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Counsellor.


She has been working at Teenage Mental Health since she was a student at the University of Essex, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Therapeutic Communications and Therapeutic Organisations and a Master
of Arts degree in Psychodynamic Counselling.

Her background is in education, where she worked as a Learning Support Assistant for many years supporting primary aged children with their learning and emotional needs.



Rachel has worked psychodynamically with children and adolescents for a number of years, both privately and in schools. 


She qualified with distinction in a Master’s degree in this field of therapeutic work in 2018. Rachel has also successfully achieved further qualifications in working with young people who struggle with a wide range of mental health issues.

Rachel's work focuses on a wide manner of mental health issues that impact children, adolescences, and adult's mental wellbeing. Her work includes those experiencing self-harm, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, grief and bereavement, attachment difficulties, and academic stress. 




Ellie is a newly qualified Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Counsellor.  She graduated with distinction from the University of Essex having gained a Master of Arts degree in Psychodynamic Counselling. 


Ellie’s background is in education and she has worked for a number of years as a teacher in secondary schools and further/higher establishments, supporting both the learning and emotional needs of children. 


She also worked in HR for 10 years in the public sector and was a practitioner of Trauma Risk Management (TRiM); a trauma-focused peer support system used in the emergency services to help those who have experienced traumatic events. 



Before joining the Teenage Mental Health Team had been working within a HR and Business Compliance Management roles. 

Taking a new direction Dylan is now a student at Essex University doing an undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Communications and Therapeutic Organisations, and recently became approved as a foster carer.


Being involved in networking surrounding wellbeing and mental health forums within previous roles for a length of time, Dylan is keen to spread the word and build TMH services and reputation with others to support and connect services and users. 



Lorna has over 10 years of Business Management experience within the healthcare sector having worked alongside the NHS and private health care organisations. 


Lorna is responsible for all of our UK corporate training services and business engagements.

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